Murder in the Desert

It's been a long time in the making, but it's finally here! After more than ten years in the studio with nothing more than a muzzled dragon for company, International Criminal's first official single slammed onto the shelves of all major online retailers just after dawn on December 5th, 2011, knocking over a flimsy display of Lady Gaga's latest album and provoking near heart-attacks in more than one elderly shopper. "Murder in the Desert", the sinister, hard-boiled tale of a serial killer who's been adding a fresh unmarked grave to the desert every Saturday night for longer than he'd care to remember, was described by one distraught eyewitness as a Caucasian male who looked old for how young he looked, wielding a beat-up dark red guitar and accompanied by at least three rather suspicious looking individuals, all bearded and somehow managing to scare the shit out of everybody and yet still making them want to dance, all at the same time!
After throwing muddy sacks of rock hard, funky smelling body parts at the feet of the trembling shop assistant, they made their getaway in a rusty Seiscento shouting something about raindogs, fishbones, jello Viagras and  heron gills, by Scott!

Police are offering a 10 Dollar reward for any leads leading to their eventual capture and incarceration.

Concerned citizens with information about the whereabouts of these heinous criminals should contact one of the following hot-lines.
Please have your credit card information at hand:

7digital (global)
(this one's good for Spanish or other languages - ¡ESTE, AQUI ARRIBA, ESPAƑOL!)
iTunes (global) (france) (uk) (uk) (us) (germany)

Tom Leonard,
Underground Correspondent for The Village Times